Oral Appliance Therapy – Plano, TX

Fully Personalized Sleep Apnea Solutions

Oral appliances are not the only way to treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, but many patients find this method to be the most practical and, in turn, the most effective. Other treatments for sleep apnea and snoring include continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices, adjustable airway pressure devices, expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP), and surgical options. Keep reading or call us to learn a bit more about oral appliance therapy in Plano, TX.

Why Choose Sleep Rehab for Oral Appliances?

  • Comfortable, Customized Appliances
  • Caring, Knowledgeable Team
  • Medicare Accepted, CareCredit Financing Available

Is an Oral Appliance Right for You?

Often recommended by medical and dental professionals as a front-line treatment for sleep apnea and snoring, oral appliance therapy proves to be an accessible and effective means of treatment for those who suffer from sleep-related breathing disorders. Although both oral appliance therapy and CPAP are considered viable for treating mild to moderate sleep apnea, oral appliance therapy can be a more comfortable and effective choice for many patients.

How Do Oral Appliances Treat Sleep Apnea?

Shaped like a mouthguard, oral appliances are intended to be worn nightly to help sleep apnea and snoring sufferers breathe more easily. The device can move the lower jaw forward and hold the tongue in place to prevent the airway from collapsing during sleep. It is highly recommended that customized appliances are worn, as opposed to a generic, over-the-counter appliance which likely does not provide the comfort or fit necessary to adequately treat sleep apnea and snoring.

What are the Advantages of Treating Sleep Apnea with an Oral Appliance?

Many patients find oral appliances to be easier and more comfortable to wear than CPAP devices or other similar respiration masks. Since oral appliances are much smaller and fit easily into the mouth, they are less cumbersome and easier to transport.

Types of Oral Appliances

A high-quality oral appliance is extremely effective when it comes to treating sleep apnea; however, there are many different options available. At Sleep Rehab, we will work with you to identify which one is right for your needs and ensure that it fits comfortably once delivered.

Prosomnus EVO

Designed to treat OSA and snoring, this unique device utilizes MG6 technology (the first of its kind), which is a combination of medical-grade materials, robotics, and artificial intelligence. As a small, portable oral appliance that is cleared by the FDA, it is comfortable to wear and metal-free, so individuals with mild sleep apnea and snoring can experience relief and a better night’s sleep.

Prosomnus CA-LP

Short for Prosomnus Continuous Advancement Low Profile, the device eliminates snoring and symptoms associated with obstructive sleep apnea. With greater tongue space and less bulk, it allows for a greater range of lateral movement. The device is also great for our team to generate more effective and efficient treatment for our patients so that they can experience significant comfort because of the precise customizations.

AM Aligner

As an occlusal splint, the AM Aligner works to move a patient’s bite back into place in the morning so that it experiences normal occlusion. When undergoing treatment with an occlusal splint, many patients complain that their bites do not properly align in the morning. This is where the AM Aligner comes in. Commonly used with other forms of sleep appliances, it consists of a material that softens when heated so that the patient can bite down, allowing the material to form around teeth. In turn, it helps to move the bite back into place after a full night of treatment.

Thermoformed Day

As a type of day appliance, the Thermoformed Day device is made with thermoformed material and is metal-free. Offering full coverage, it is thin and ideal for individuals who have narrow arches. Patients who struggle with metal allergies can expect a product made from a biocompatible material that is comfortable to wear and contains minimal acrylic.

Night With Ramp

The Night with Ramp device is designed with a repositioning ramp that guides a patient’s jaw into its established position. Known to look similar to a Farrar, it offers full occlusal contact. As a full coverage appliance, it provides full occlusal contact and a ramp and is made using acrylic, thermoform, true comfort, and milled PMMA.

Respire Blue Appliance

The Respire Blue Series has a mesh support that is welded and placed inside the acrylic. This improvement offers one of the strongest dorsal fin designs on the market. The Respire Blue is easy to adjust, where each turn of the screw is equal to 2 /10 mm. This oral appliance has more room in the anterior area and allows the patient to open and close as they please. It is also open in the front to add comfort by increasing the tongue space allowing the patient to inhale and exhale more air per breath. This oral appliance can also be made with a soft layer on the tooth surface to add additional comfort and comes with a one-year warranty.

Respire Pink Micro Appliance

When it comes to oral appliances that address sleep apnea, there are few as versatile and useful as the Respire Pink Micro, which is likely why it is Medicare approved. This appliance has telescopic hardware for increased lateral movement and has the option to add elastic hooks and an anterior discluding ramp. It has a 6 mm maximum advancement with an extra anterior fixing unit and is available in hard and hard/soft-fitting surfaces. For this appliance, you can opt for a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and have your Respire Pink Micro completed with a two-day rush service.

Silent Nite®

To prevent the ill effects of sleep apnea and snoring, the Silent Nite oral appliance successfully repositions the lower jaw to keep facial tissues from obstructing airflow. The Silent Nite consists of flexible, thin, and comfortable material, which is soft on the interior and durable on the outer layer. The appliance’s connectors are adjustable, so Dr. Fedosky can customize the angle and fit for the most beneficial outcomes. Along with a night appliance, Silent Nite comes with an AM Aligner that prevents occlusion issues and reestablishes healthy bite alignment.