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Worried You Can’t Sleep for Your Sleep Test? Try These 3 Tips

March 3, 2020

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Young boy wearing device for sleep test

When you see a sleep dentist to have your sleep apnea treated, the first thing they’ll need to do is perform a sleep test. You’ll wear a special device at home that will measure your vital signs while you’re asleep in order to narrow down whether or not you have a sleep disorder. Of course, the test does have one weakness: what if you can’t fall asleep? It’s very common for patients to spend more time awake than usual when they’re concentrating too much on their need to sleep, and that could affect the results. The good news is that you can plan ahead. Read on to learn 3 tips for avoiding a sudden case of insomnia when you have a sleep test to complete.

1. Start Preparing During the Day

There are plenty of things you can do the day of the study to improve the conditions that will help you sleep when you need to. For example, you can wake up a little earlier than you normally would and skip your daily naps in order to start building your sleep drive. Also, stay away from anything caffeinated; this includes coffee, tea, soda pop, chocolate, energy drinks, and more. The effects of caffeine can last for up to 6 hours, making you more restless in the meantime.

Aside from avoiding naps and certain foods and drinks, you should follow your regular routine. During the last one or two hours before bed, calm you mind by reading a book or listening to relaxing music. Try to limit the time you spend in front of electronic screens, as the blue light they emit can make it harder to sleep.

2. Stay in Your Typical Sleep Position

When wearing a machine for a sleep test, you might feel like you need to sleep on your back. However, it’s best to ignore the wires and other equipment and simply stay in your normal sleeping position.

3. Use a Relaxation Technique

There are several things you can do to try and relax ay night. To keep yourself from worrying too much about sleep, you can distract your brain with various tasks. The classic approach is to count sheep, but other approaches include remembering the names of the presidents or all 50 states in a certain order. When you focus on tasks like this, you tend to fall asleep without even realizing it.

Talk to your sleep dentist about other methods that will help you doze off when you really need to. Remember that the test is an important step if you want to overcome your sleep apnea. You’ll have many relaxing, sleep-filled nights to look forward to once the diagnosis is complete!

About the Author

Dr. Keane Fedosky brings Plano families relief from snoring and sleep apnea thanks to over 20 years of experience in customized oral appliance therapy. His practice, Sleep Rehab, uses high quality level 3 home sleep testing equipment, and the results are reliably interpreted by physicians on the Board of Certified Sleep Medicine. To schedule an appointment, visit his website or call (972) 753-3737.

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